Autohaus Assessing will provide you with the maximum value, in the event your bike or vehicle has been involved in an accident and is not your fault.


We assess vehicles based on their individual merits and there are many considerations we take into account:


  • We valuate your vehicle based on the condition of the vehicle.

  • Highly modified vehicles

  • Paint work ( standard vs custom )

  • History  ( trophy award winning )

  • Signature series vehicles or certified autographed vehicles by celebrities( ie. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Harley)

  • Market trends – In the event of a total loss or valuation, current market trends will have to be taken into consideration. For example, it may be necessary to consider scenarios such as sudden petrol rises as this will have immediate impact on the value of the small car market as motorists seek cost savings.


With many considerations in mind,  we, at Autohaus Assessing can accurately assess a true current evaluation and will help to provide a better outcome.

We are confident that with this process we can satisfy you.

I have personally been in a situation when a insurance company had given me a payout or  a sub value settlement for a motor bike based on a purchase price in winter some year or so earlier and with the market trend with bikes they to have a price rises in the warmer months.


Under the new laws which were enforced 2013, relating to total loss vehicles,
Stated, that we could repair certain damaged vehicles.
Once the decision had been made to enforce a total loss and provided the correct paper work was supplied to NEVDIS, this would be deemed as a total loss and to repair that vehicle a Australian standard was put in place. This is known as a the WOVR.
 It is about making the decision to repair and to follow the correct procedures.
Procedures on late model vehicles would possibly include manufacture repair procedures and repairer industry guide lines.
Your repairer would make the decision to repair the vehicle if they felt confident and all the relative information had been considered.

Thousands of dollars may be lost unless you consider contacting Autohaus Assessing. 

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